"Thanks One More Chance Scuba for all the cool diving gear!!! I'm ready to go find some sharks! "
                -  Brayden Bellinder
We would like to congratulate our newest Friend / Customer, Taylor Smith, on being the proud new owner of a completely restored Speargun.
Taylor found his Dad's approximately 40 year old vintage Voit AMF Swimaster Speargun in his attic, however, it was missing most of its parts.

 We were able to bring the Speargun back to life using original and compatible JBL parts and accessories that we had in stock, and now Taylor is the proud new owner of a completely restored and fully functional piece of Spearfishing History!

Happy hunting Taylor, please spearfish responsibly, and don't kill it unless you're going to eat it! 
"Thanks for the Hawaiian sling Omar!! Here is the first Sheepshead I got on the pole spear you sold me!! A chunky 18 inches!!

- Cameron Rissman
A few words from our satisfied customers
"We've been buying gear from Omar for over 7 years and have always been pleased with his selection, quality and prices. He always works hard to be sure that the equipment fits well and has never tried to pressure us into buying something that we didn't need." 
                                                                         -Marcia Scribner Snyder 
Best customer service in the Charleston area. Only shop I buy my gear from. Omar the owner goes out of his way to make sure you have what you need. Doesn’t try to up sell you on stuff you don’t. You become a friend not just a customer at One More Chance Scuba.

                                                                         - Tony Smith
Thank you to Joe and Omar for helping me make this happen!

The journey continues from here, more dives and more certifications onward. 😎

                                         - Amber Estrada